Positive Dilute Drug Test

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Definition - What does Positive Dilute Drug Test mean?

A positive dilute drug test refers to a urine specimen that tests positive for a select type of drug(s) found in the system combined with a higher water content based on the mass-to-volume ratio of urine voided from the body. Creatinine and specific gravity levels often play off the circumstances by which a tester infers recent drug use. Hence, a positive dilute drug test result will follow.

SureHire explains Positive Dilute Drug Test

Excessive fluid intake is a vital factor that often leads to a positive dilute drug test result. It is a method calculated to defy the odds of evacuating any drug metabolites that remain in the body when the goal is to receive drug clearance. A laboratory clinician will look for telltale changes that might draw suspicion as a negating element by which a test subject would otherwise forfeit a clean urine drug screen. The properties in the urine specimen will often reflect changes in appearance, for example, color and texture. Odors or skewed temperatures are also accounted for to suspend any doubt against a positive dilute drug test result.

Given the available market for passing urine drug screens, clinicians can gauge a urine specimen to compare the acidity value at its base range consistent with a positive dilute drug test result. A Medical Review Officer (MRO) can then help vouch for the difference to ensure a job prospect is drug-free in the workplace.

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