Pre-Access Card

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Definition - What does Pre-Access Card mean?

A pre-access card (PAC) is a document issued to an employee who qualifies to gain entry to a worksite after meeting the criteria for proposed drug testing methods needed to perform a job. Pre-access drug and alcohol testing procedures utilize a drug panel type based on the requested class or subclass of drugs to give clearance to a party with a PAC when they report to a satellite branch.

SureHire explains Pre-Access Card

An in-house clinic or a third-party referral is a liaison for the test subject to receive a pre-access card that shows whether an oral fluid or urine specimen serves as proof of the clearance needed to enter a worksite area. A counterfeit pre-access card is an issue that presumes that the donor in question is a candidate for drug use that might otherwise forfeit an outsourced job. The circumstances outlined in a safety-sensitive position demand a level of safety by which a false pre-access card compounds the likelihood of having an impaired case scenario.


Drug and alcohol testing is a cut-and-dry means to preserve a safe workplace, boosted by pre-access cards to subcontract work. Pre-access testing often gives way to convenience and cost, but the job at an off-site facility requires a pre-access card to avoid liability risks.


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