Pressure Demand Respirator

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Definition - What does Pressure Demand Respirator mean?

A pressure demand respirator is a type of positive pressure respirator. These types of respirators supply clean air to the wearer through a hose or other delivery mechanism. This air supply maintains a positive pressure within the respiratory inlet covering. A pressure demand respirator is designed to maintain a higher level of air pressure inside the facepiece than in the ambient environment at all times. The device maintains this pressure imbalance by responding to drops in pressure caused by the wearer's inhalation.

A pressure demand respirator may be used in situations where a worker must enter an area that contains airborne contaminants such as dust or gases. The respirator prevents contaminated air from entering the workers airways and supplies him or her with a supply of clean air.

A pressure demand respirator may also be called a pressure demand supplied air respirator.

SureHire explains Pressure Demand Respirator

U.S. safety regulations define several specific types of respirators, including pressure demand respirators. A pressure demand respirator must be capable of delivering sufficient air so that the pressure inside the face piece of the apparatus remains positive when the wearer inhales and exhales. This standard requires the device to be capable supplying sufficient air to maintain pressure in response to an average worker respiration rate during moderate activity.

Respirators are a type of personal protective equipment used to protect workers from hazardous airborne substances. There are many different types of respirators. Some respirators filter ambient air, making it safe for the wearer to breath. Other types of respirators supply clean air to the wearer through a tube or hose. This clean air is drawn from a safe source that may be located outside the contaminated zone or contained in equipment carried by the worker.

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