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Definition - What does Production Work Evaluation mean?

A production work evaluation is a type of vocational assessment in which an individual's work product is assessed. Unlike simulations or work samples, a production work evaluation involves an actual assembly or another process which results in a finished product.

Production work evaluations are one of several methods of workforce development that may be used as a part of a vocational training or rehabilitation program. The purpose of a production work evaluation is to assess the individual's ability to perform the necessary tasks of a particular job and to acclimatize the individual with the work environment. During the assessment, evaluators can determine the test subject's emotional and physical capacity to perform in a workplace setting.

This method of evaluation may also be referred to as a situational analysis.

SureHire explains Production Work Evaluation

Production work evaluations often involve jobs in manufacturing or industrial production. Other tasks such as mail sorting, packaging, or recycling may also be part of a production work program.

Tasks performed as part of a production work evaluation are often completed in a workshop or other supervised environment. Individuals participating in a production work evaluation are usually compensated for their work based on the quantity and/or quality of the items they produce.

Usually, a government or non-government sponsoring organization will subcontract work from area manufacturers or for-profit companies to provide jobs for participants of a product work evaluation. The locations where the work is performed are sometimes referred to as production centers, work enclaves, or sheltered workshops. Product work evaluations may be offered to individuals with disabilities or other work-related limitations as a means to provide them with gainful employment and training.

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