Progressive Loading

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Definition - What does Progressive Loading mean?

Progressive loading, also called progressive overload, is the biomechanical process of gradual conditioning and strengthening of musculature in the body to promote endurance, fitness, and power. Physiological changes occur where the muscles adapt to external forces to the body (i.e., lifting weights) on a regular basis, but duration, frequency, and repetitions also contribute to maximizing primary muscle group performance.

SureHire explains Progressive Loading

Progressive loading is beneficial in helping to focus on targeting muscles that require consistent exercise proportionate to the activity level of the individual. With time, the body adjusts to the sustained exertion, often resulting in a plateau effect triggering more effort to oppose muscle activity until fatigue ensues. In clinical settings, progressive loading can serve as an effective rehabilitation technique in minimizing or preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

Many employers are incorporating workout sessions as an adjunct measure in improving cardiovascular health, flexibility, and muscle strength against the prevalence of MSD cases in the workplace. Resistance training is an essential component of progressive loading that helps isolate common MSD-related areas, in particular, the upper extremities where repetitive motions can cause muscles, ligaments, and tendons to deteriorate. A certified specialist can provide guidance on what resistance-based program is the right fit to help avoid potential injury.

The upswell of businesses introducing workout training sessions in the workplace is designed to foster a culture of health and fitness, improve morale, curtail health insurance claim costs, and streamline productivity. Fitness represents a crucial element of a workplace wellness program, but incentivizing employees to utilize the resources is a financial burden to employers. Individuals who adopt an exercise regimen that entails progressive loading can reduce the likelihood of developing musculoskeletal disorders.

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