Refresher Training

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Definition - What does Refresher Training mean?

Refresher training, within the context of drug testing, relates to the comprehensive process of drug collectors familiarizing themselves with the current technical and regulatory measures needed to execute alcohol and drug screening testing protocol accordingly under DOT guidelines. Refresher training operates on the principle that routine knowledge and skills relative to alcohol and drug screening require a fresh approach to proper technique, introduction to latest trends and equipment, and recognizing signs and symptoms that lend strong evidence to an employee being suspected of consuming alcohol and/or using drugs.

SureHire explains Refresher Training

Refresher training is an mandatory requirement, specifically ordered under the Department of Transportation guidelines, for reacquainting drug collecting experts with technical modalities and policy and procedure regulations currently in effect illustrating the multifaceted aspects that enable them to deftly perform their job. This includes collection/recollection of drug specimen(s) from employees, imparting knowledge about personal risks, demonstrating effective usage of breath, urine, and saliva drug testing applications, relating and protecting employee confidential data, and completing chain of custody form (CCF) documentation. Drug collectors serve as an important liaison between employers requesting employee sanction for job occupation and its coinciding party seeking employable status in the workplace.

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