Rehabilitation Process

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Definition - What does Rehabilitation Process mean?

A rehabilitation process, within the context of workplace safety, is a series of specific measures taken to assist a disabled (or previously injured) person to reach their full potential of functioning in their particular environment. It is aimed at enabling disabled people and their families and is critical for them to adapt and interact in their vocational, educational, and social environments. A rehabilitation process can be initiated at the time of disability and continue through to sustaining the patient's range of function.

SureHire explains Rehabilitation Process

A rehabilitation process brings about improvements to function and environment for the disabled person. The installation of a ramp, lift or handrail in a disabled person's environment is an example of such an improvement. Pain management, physical, and occupational therapy are also part of the rehabilitation process.

The rehabilitation process consists of the following steps: identifying the disabled/injured person's needs and issues, correlating the issues with the person and their environment, setting objectives for the rehabilitation efforts, planning and implementation of suitable measures, and evaluating the results of the implementation.

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