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Definition - What does SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) mean?

A substance abuse professional, or SAP, refers to a specially trained individual who assists employees struggling with drug and/or alcohol addictions. When dealing with DOT-related substance abuse testing and assessment, the SAP represents only the regulations of the Department of Transportation and functions as a liaison between companies and their employees, administering intervention services to those in industrial fields of transportation to uphold public safety and promote a drug-free community. Substance abuse professionals may or may not be DOT certified and are used in substance abuse assessments for employers beyond DOT regulations as well. When working with non-DOT regulated testing and assessment, a SAP acts as a neutral party between

SureHire explains SAP (Substance Abuse Professional)

A substance abuse professional, or SAP, refers to a qualified individual who represents neither the employee or employer. Instead, a SAP follows the Department of Transportation regulations, or company policies, by providing intervention services to people combating drug and/or alcohol addiction. When a SAP undertakes testing and becomes DOT certified, they can work specifically with DOT regulations in the workplace and play an important role in terms of ensuring general safety to employers and employees in conjunction with innocent civilians and motorists commuting and traveling on public highways and roads. Regardless of whether a SAP is working with DOT regulations or working on other substance abuse situations at a worksite, in the event an employee is suspected of alcohol and/or drug abuse, the SAP responds by offering suggestions of necessary measures, including rehabilitative treatment, that will rectify the unprofessional and dangerous habit(s).

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