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Definition - What does Safety Leadership mean?

Safety leadership refers to voluntary behavior an individual assumes by displaying core work safety habits aligned with the corporate values that strive to advance a culture of universal health and safety regulations inside the workplace. While safety leadership characterizes an umbrella term for safety management, the distinction lies with any employee within the hierarchical sphere who seeks to demonstrate exemplary behavior by following safety procedures to deter accidents/incidents.

SureHire explains Safety Leadership

Safety is a key component at any worksite or workplace, and any employee within a company's structure can demonstrate safety leadership, although it is helpful when those in managerial roles consider safety a major priority.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fosters a multidimensional system covering vital components including supervision, training, accountability, resources, and support, also known by its acronym, STARS, as instrumental factors in safety leadership. However, the STARS-based format allows for nuanced technicalities that presumes safety leadership plays exclusively across the administrative and managerial stratosphere, otherwise inhibiting the potential of influential leaders in the workforce to engage their peers on safety-related issues. Though many individuals may associate safety leadership with more responsibilities, employers can provide direction, guidance, and training modes to safety leaders as a blanket approach for projecting uniform safety values as a prerequisite for all employees to follow.

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