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Definition - What does Service Agent mean?

A service agent, within the context of workplace drug and alcohol testing, refers to any individual outside of a company whose employees are being tested who fulfills, or assists with, any part of the drug and alcohol testing process and company drug and alcohol testing program. Service agents can be independent contractors or employees of a third party company hired to conduct the testing processes.

SureHire explains Service Agent

A service agent is an individual in any one of a variety of roles relating to drug and alcohol testing, specifically testing designed to meet DOT and FMCSA guidelines and regulations. Some of the individuals covered under the term service agent are medical review professionals, urine collectors, substance abuse professionals, screening test technicians, breath alcohol technicians, and third party administrators.

It is vitally important that companies thoroughly vet service agents as DOT regulations hold the company responsible for errors/regulation violations on the part of service agents. Companies should always make sure that service agents are qualified for the work they are to perform, hold any needed formal certifications (which vary based on specific roles to be fulfilled), and plan ahead for how to handle any mistakes or negligence on the part of service agents.

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