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Definition - What does Shipping Container mean?

A shipping container, within the context of drug testing, relates to an insulated, leak-proof receptacle designed to house specimen bottles filled with blood, urine, or other samples following drug screen procedures. The shipping container fulfills the purpose of protecting the contents inside from damage that can result in leakage and potential adulteration to the samples while in transit to another facility.

SureHire explains Shipping Container

A shipping container for drug testing specimens is often a receptacle equipped with polystyrene material for protective storage of specimen containers being conveyed from a laboratory to another facility for further evaluation. After collection and initial drug screening processes, specimens needed for further testing are placed in a small container designed for the specific sample type (such as a specially designed plastic bottle), which is labeled and sealed for proper shipment. The bottles are then placed into an insulated compartmentalized bin that separates individual specimens to avoid contact of their contents in the event of a leakage and incidental contamination. The shipping container is enclosed with biochemical wrapping that complies to the Center for Disease Control standards of safety in terms of transporting specimen containers to a different facility.

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