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Definition - What does Site Visit mean?

A site visit, within the context of workplace health and safety, is a physical inspection or tour of a workplace conducted by an assessor or assessment team for the purpose of evaluating the employer’s workplace health and safety program. During a site visit, assessors may meet with the workplace organization’s leadership, observe the work environment, collect data, and implement corrective measures. A site visit may also be referred to as a site tour.

SureHire explains Site Visit

Various government agencies conduct health and safety assessments of workplace environments to assure ongoing compliance with regulations and identify workplace hazards. In addition, assessments may be made by a contractor hired to facilitate the employer's workplace safety program or third-party organization that certifies the effectiveness of health and safety programs. As a part of the assessment process, a representative or representatives, sometimes called a safety reviewer(s), will visit the workplace in order to observe its current state and condition. Often these visits are coordinated with the organization’s leadership in order to assure full access to all necessary personnel and work areas. During a site visit, the safety reviewer may interview employees and supervisors, inspect machinery and storage facilities, and make note of any hazardous situations or areas in need of improvement. The information gathered by the safety reviewer is then included in the overall safety assessment for the worksite.

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