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Definition - What does Site Visit Interview mean?

A site visit interview, within the context of workplace health and safety, is a meeting that takes place at a workplace between safety reviewers and managers and employees of the workplace. Multiple site visit interviews may be conducted with different employees and representatives of the employer during a site visit. The information learned during the site interview is used to define the scope of the site visit, gather information about workplace conditions, solicit feedback from employees and management at the site and get a general idea of the culture and key decision makers at the worksite.

SureHire explains Site Visit Interview

When a safety reviewer or assessor visits an employer?s worksite to assess its compliance with government health and safety regulations, the reviewer or reviewing team will conduct site visit interviews. Often an initial interview, called an opening conference, will be conducted with the organization?s key health and safety employees. Union representatives, senior management, safety committee members and wellness coordinators are all examples of employees with whom interviews might be conducted. After this initial discussion, the reviewer may ask to speak with individual employees or groups of employees to solicit information about the employer?s health and safety practices. The goal of the site interviews is to get a broad and diverse perspective of the employer?s health and safety practices including feedback from representatives from all of the workplace?s operational areas.

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