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Definition - What does Sleep Technologist mean?

A sleep technologist is a medical care professional who is trained to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep-related disorders. In particular, sleep technologists may facilitate sleep studies, calibrate sleep therapy devices and participate in the follow-up care of sleep disordered patients. Sleep technologists receive specialized training and may be certified by one or more professional organizations. In most instance, a sleep technologist will work under the supervision of a physician. Another name for sleep technologist is polysomnography technologist.

SureHire explains Sleep Technologist

Sleep technologists are often employed at sleep centers or other facilities that treat sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. A sleep technologist must understand not only the equipment and devices used to diagnose and treat sleep disorders but also be able to communicate effectively with patients. These care providers must be detail-oriented as they may be required to observe and record the results of a patient’s sleep study or other diagnostic tests. Since this testing is often conducted while the patient sleeps, some sleep technologist work during overnight shifts.

Sleep disorders can have a tremendous impact on an individual's daily life, and can be incredibly disruptive in the workplace. Without adequate rest, employees are less productive, more prone to accidents, and overall simply do not perform as well. Diagnosing sleep disorders as soon as possible with the help of a sleep technologist helps individuals gain a higher quality of life.

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