Sleep-Wake Cycle

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Definition - What does Sleep-Wake Cycle mean?

The sleep-wake cycle refers to the physiological function of regulating the homeostasis of the body through the autonomous release of neurotransmitters and hormones in direct response to environmental cues governed by day and night stimuli. The brainstem operates as the locus for mediating distinctive chemicals that promote wakefulness such as norepinephrine and serotonin, while conversely, adenosine is a chemical that primes the body for sleep.

SureHire explains Sleep-Wake Cycle

Sleep/wake homeostasis and the circadian rhythm biological clock are two interdependent processes of the sleep-wake cycle, triggering alternating spells of sleep and wakefulness based on variable sleep patterns. The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) located in the hypothalamus represents the internal clock serving as the vehicle for interpreting light ray transmissions via the optic nerve to control the sleep-wake cycle. Sleep hygiene often dictates the equilibrium of hormones and neurotransmitters oriented around regular biorhythms. For example, a dopamine imbalance can contribute to restless legs syndrome (RLS), thus, compromising the quality of rest.

Sleep deprivation remains a chronic health issue that imposes economic constraints on employers, given a high incidence rate for workplace accidents resulting in medical liabilities. Moreover, study reports indicate a growing surge in a sleep-deprived workforce throughout many industries, drawing on the comorbid health implications including dementia, diabetes, ongoing fatigue, and stroke. Rotating work shifts or frequent traveling across different time zones are legitimate culprits for disrupting the sleep-wake cycle.

Mounting data indicate a correlation between sleep disorder cases and job performance deficiencies, often marked by cognitive impairments through concentration difficulties, decreased alertness, and memory lapses, undermining productivity on the whole. As the sleep-wake cycle is a vital component of overall health, many employers are capitalizing on adaptive methodologies by incorporating periodic nap sessions inside a standard work schedule to help replenish energy levels in employees.

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