Split Specimen Collection

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Definition - What does Split Specimen Collection mean?

A split specimen collection refers to a procedure in which a urine sample for a drug test is collected and separated into two parts in case further testing is needed. If a discrepancy exists concerning positive results of one sample, the subject can request the second part of their urine sample to be reexamined by a different laboratory to verify or dispute the results.

SureHire explains Split Specimen Collection

A split specimen collection relates to a medical procedure that involves an individual submitting to a urine test in order to receive drug-free clearance. The sample is separated into two parts so that further testing can be completed if necessary. Positive results can always occur for a number of reasons, prompting a subject to request a medical review officer to authorize a reanalysis of the second part of the urine sample in question by a different laboratory. This step is implemented if the subject believes the initial testing is erroneous and wants the identical sample reevaluated at another facility to confirm any difference.

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