Stress Tolerance

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Definition - What does Stress Tolerance mean?

Stress tolerance is the threshold at which an individual can effectively and consistently deal with and manage stressful situations. Stress is a normal biochemical reaction that occurs when the prefrontal cortex of the brain secretes and regulates a stress hormone called dopamine. A small amount of stress can be beneficial to a person by increasing focus on routine tasks and/or trigger warnings against potential threats. However, high levels of stress can impair cognitive function (i.e., concentration), interfere with relationships at home and/or work, and lead to detrimental future health issues.

SureHire explains Stress Tolerance

Stress levels can cause undue anxiety, panic attacks, and complicating health concerns for some people while others tend to thrive on stress to avoid dull lifestyles. Because stress is a subjective feeling, identifying and recognizing potential stressors can reduce mental and/or physical strain improving quality of life. Chronic stress can impose significant health risks including anxiety, depression, heart disease, sleep deprivation, and digestion problems.

To combat stress, many people resort to temporary solutions including alcohol, drug use, smoking, and an unhealthy diet, enabling an individual from developing stress tolerance. Many job positions carry high-demanding responsibilities, creating an excessive load that compounds stress levels in people, undermining morale and diminishing productivity.

Many employers are required to observe stressful conditions in the workplace, introducing measures to promote stability and avoid financial drawbacks. Stress tolerance often relies on developing coping mechanisms to handle stress such as calm behaviors, healthy diet and sufficient rest, positive attitude, and a support system (i.e. family/friends).

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