Supination of the Foot

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Definition - What does Supination of the Foot mean?

Supination of the foot is when the foot rolls outwardly. This motion is normal during walking and running, particularly as the foot is pushing off from the ground. Like any motion, this places stress on the joint and muscles. Over repetition or incorrect repetition of supination can cause musculoskeletal injuries.

In the foot correct supination is needed for the person’s gait to be correct whether walking, running or jogging. If the supination is such that too much pressure or weight is placed on the outer portion of the foot, several medical issues can arise. In the work area those without correct supination may have difficulties in accessing machinery where they have to have full range of motion with their forearms. If the worker is one who continually walks long distances, especially over a hard surface like a concrete floor, stress fractures can occur.

Supination is also known as underpronation.

SureHire explains Supination of the Foot

Supination of the foot is needed for human propulsion. In a normal gait the sole of the foot will point inward and the foot and toes point down. When this normal process is interrupted the individual puts too much weight or emphasis on the outside of the foot. If this stance is excessive, the foot is said to be in a state of over-pronation. If a worker regularly walks long distances on the job, this condition can lead to other, more debilitating injuries. Having good ergonomic design in the workplace and good safety practices (such as rest breaks and proper footwear) can help to reduce the risk of injuries relating to supination.

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