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Definition - What does Synthetic Urine mean?

Synthetic urine is a false imitation of authentic urine designed for and marketed to individuals who intend to counterfeit negative test results following a drug screen examination. Many applicants and/or current employees use synthetic urine kits as a viable alternative to pass a drug test based on independent variables that resemble genuine urine. However, a collector from an onsite location and/or laboratory facility is trained to notice immediate biochemical, physical, and visual aspects to determine if a urine specimen is legitimate. For instance, collectors can differentiate between the amount, color, and temperature expected from a real urine sample compared to synthetic urine characteristics.

SureHire explains Synthetic Urine

Controversy surrounds the legal sale and use of synthetic urine kits in most states based on polarizing concerns of illegal drug use within the workplace. Many people believe that mass distribution of synthetic urine kits undermines health and safety policies for employers, increasing risk factors that can lead to serious injuries and/or deaths. For companies, an underlying hurdle exists where supervisors are prohibited by law to observe applicants and/or current employees during a drug screen. As a result, individuals may attempt to manipulate testing procedures when possible, often smuggling in devices containing synthetic urine because they have a good change of avoiding detection.

Laboratories are committed to keeping pace with new detection methods in targeting individuals suspected of falsifying test results with synthetic urine specimens. Collectors are obligated to administer thorough drug screens while exercising full discretion to receive authentic urine samples. Clear guidelines for testing can include emptying apparel pockets and/or personal effects, dyeing toilet water blue, checking pH concentration (acidity), gauging creatinine levels, and switching off water sources to prevent dilution.

Although using synthetic urine is a common way for individuals to attempt to sidestep positive test results, the consequences can affect employment opportunities for applicants and/or result in termination for current employees. A consumer market that promotes the sale of synthetic urine mix kits raises conflicting sentiments between loopholes in the system that encourage falsification of urine specimens and companies that uphold a drug-free environment.

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