Target Heart Rate

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Definition - What does Target Heart Rate mean?

Target heart rate is a numerical range based on a standard formula indicating the speed with which a patient's heart should beat during physical exercise. This measure indicates the effort level the body can sustain while undertaking an aerobic activity. Target heart rate is tracked during exercise in order to optimize fitness levels and training results. It is also used by medical practitioners when performing cardiovascular diagnostic tests.

Target heart rate = Maximum Heart Rate * .7

SureHire explains Target Heart Rate

Target heart rate is typically measured using an electronic fitness device, however it can be calculated using a simple formula. In order to determine target heart rate, the maximum heart rate is obtained by subtracting the person's age from 220. This is adjusted slightly depending on a person's base health level and the target heart rate will be between 50 to 85% of this figure. Tracking pulse during exercise is one way to track improvements in cardiovascular fitness over time.

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