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Definition - What does Tight-fitting Facepiece mean?

A tight-fitting facepiece is the part of a respirator that fits against the face of the wearer. A respirator with a tight-fitting facepiece is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) that protects an individual against exposure to airborne hazardous agents. To be effective, this facepiece must form a complete seal against the face of the wearer, preventing ambient air from entering the the space within the facepiece. Any leakage around the edges of the facepiece will permit air from the environment to enter the mask and puts the wearer at risk for exposure to airborne hazards.

Tight-fitting facepieces are most often made of durable, flexible materials such as silicone, neoprene or natural rubber. Usually, a harness or strap is used to hold the facepiece in place.

SureHire explains Tight-fitting Facepiece

A tight-fitting facepiece is part of one type of respirator worn by workers to protect them from hazadous airborne agents in the workplace. When a respirator with a tight-fitting facepiece is worn, the mask or facepiece must fit securely against the worker's face. In most instances, a tight-fitting facepiece cannot with worn by someone with a beard or heavy facial hair because the hair prevents a tight seal from being formed. Individuals who cannot wear a tight-fitting facepiece may use a respirator equipped with a hood or helmet instead that extends to the wearer's neck or shoulders instead.

Before an employees is assigned personal protective equipment that makes use of a tight-fitting facepiece, he or she will undergo a mask fit test to ensure that the facepiece fits properly. A separate mask seal test should be conducted each time the worker puts on the mask and before entering an area that contains airborne hazards.

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