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Definition - What does Trager mean?

Trager is a clinical method introduced by Dr. Milton Trager, designed to alleviate tension buildup that exists between the body and the unconscious mind, often linked to various health conditions. Physiological symptoms including chronic pain, inflexibility, and limited range of motion can disrupt balance, coordination, and mobility. The Trager approach incorporates deep relaxation and movement techniques such as gentle rocking motions and soft elongations (lengthening), accommodating physical limits in tandem with reorienting biomechanical awareness for the patient.

SureHire explains Trager

While physical therapy and massage application remain viable treatment solutions, the Trager method serves as an effective option, allowing practitioners to recognize and isolate pain without causing discomfort. A specialist engages a patient to assess the nature and extent of their condition beginning with formal therapeutic sessions or tablework where soft tissue manipulation ensues. The use of consistent, light rhythmic motions bolsters agile, fluid movements that can help people suffering from debilitating neuromuscular conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia coupled with reducing episodes of stress.

Trager also involves mentastics, an auxiliary form of self-care that patients can practice at home and/or work to mitigate symptoms between treatment visits. Traumatic situations can result in neurological and/or psychological challenges that interfere with quality of life. For instance, many people who sustain a physical injury are susceptible to developing anxiety and fear from a perceived danger or threat related to a particular accident or incident. This phenomenon can induce rigidity or spasms where the body experiences abnormal tension, imposing mental and/or physical constraints to the point that regular activities are compromised.

Trager is a dynamic modality that can improve mobility, increase range of motion, stimulate energy, and neutralize stress.

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