Transferability of Work Skills

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Definition - What does Transferability of Work Skills mean?

Transferability of work skills is a term used to describe the degree to which a person's work related skill set for a particular job can be used to perform a different job. This term is used to describe those attained job skills that are transferable. A work skill is an ability based on acquired knowledge that is necessary for the performance of a particular job. Skills require some knowledge or training that render them distinguishable from unskilled tasks.

In some instances, skills such as reading a graph or operating a phone system may be transferable from one job to another. Many soft skills, such as a talent for written and verbal communication, are transferable across jobs. In other situations, a job skill such as drawing blood or piloting ships through a canal, may have limited transferability.

SureHire explains Transferability of Work Skills

The transferability of an individual's job skills becomes relevant when that person is seeking to move from one job to another. Additionally, a person who is seeking disability support or unemployment compensation may be required to demonstrate that they lack transferable skills that would permit them to obtain employment.

Often a person seeking vocational counseling will be asked to evaluate his or her past jobs, activities, and hobbies in order to identify transferable work skills. In the workplace, employers may choose to help promising employees increase their transferable work skills by providing training or job expansion opportunities.

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