Vocational Evaluation Report

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Definition - What does Vocational Evaluation Report mean?

A vocational evaluation report is a comprehensive collection of data regarding an individual's ability to work. The report is based on an assessment that is often made as part of a vocational rehabilitation or training program.

During an assessment, vocational experts will evaluate several areas that are related to the individual's workplace success. The final report will address the not just the subject's physical and cognitive capabilities but his or her personal preferences and aptitudes. A combination of formal tests, interviews, and in-person observations are used to collect the data included in the report.

A vocational evaluation report may also include a plan of action for vocational rehabilitation or other recommendations. A vocational evaluation report may also be referred to as a vocational assessment report.

SureHire explains Vocational Evaluation Report

Vocational evaluation reports are an important tool for guiding the rehabilitation and placement of disadvantaged individuals and those with disabilities. A vocational assessment helps these individuals to select the vocational training or jobs that are best suited for them.

Vocational evaluation reports may be used to place a young adult who is preparing to enter the workforce. These reports may also be used to assess the needs of an adult who has suffered an injury or other disability. In some instances, a vocational evaluation report may be used to determine the loss suffered by someone who was injured in an accident or other situation in which another person is at fault. The report may also be used to determine a person's eligibility for financial or other benefits, such as rehabilitation services or vocational training.

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