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Definition - What does Vocational Interview mean?

A vocational interview is a formal arrangement involving a vocational counselor and an employee who sustained a work-related injury to discuss essential details about career placement opportunities. The interview consists of gathering personal information covering different aspects including current duties and responsibilities, interests and skills, previous education, and work history. A vocational counselor serves as a liaison between an employer and an employee who intends to file for workers' compensation benefits following an accident/incident.

SureHire explains Vocational Interview

In situations where an employee is injured, an employer will typically assign light work duties and tasks to the employee in the interim during recovery. Depending on the severity of the injury, some employees may qualify for workers' compensation benefits based on physical limitations to carry out regular work. In any event, a vocational counselor is called to interview an employee to determine whether their eligibility for disability coverage is legitimate.

Although a vocational interview does help individuals retain their job position with a current employer, the primary goal is to confirm whether the employee meets the physical and vocational challenges to receive workers' compensation benefits. The vocational interview establishes personal facts such as medical reports used to correlate doctor’s instructions to the physical demands associated with a particular job.

To avoid compromising insurance coverage, employees are advised to contact a lawyer to represent them at the time a vocational interview is scheduled. The employer and/or insurance coverage carrier coordinates with the vocational interviewer in finding employment for the individual within the scope of their physical abilities and needs. A Labor Market Analysis is drafted by the vocational counselor indicating similar work opportunities available in their area with comparable pay grades. This tactic aids employers in gradually lowering benefits payments for current employees deemed otherwise employable in the job market.

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