Waist Circumference

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Definition - What does Waist Circumference mean?

Waist circumference is a value representing the measurements of a person's abdomen. To determine a person's waist circumference, he or she should be measured at the narrowest point between the rib cage and hips. Biometric data such as a person's waist circumference may be collected to assist in tracking overall population health trends or assess the individual's health status.

SureHire explains Waist Circumference

A person's waist circumference is one of many measurements that may be collected during a traditional physical, health screening or when biometric data is being gathered. A person's waist circumference is an indicator that is used to determine whether a person has excessive abdominal fat. Individuals who carry excess fat around the abdomen are said to have abdominal obesity. Abdominal obesity is a risk factor for the development of other health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Even individuals who might not be considered obese can be at risk for developing these conditions if they have a large waist circumference. The cut off waist circumference for determining risk varies among health professionals and agencies. But in general, a waist circumference of over 35 inches for women and over 40 inches for men is considered an indicator of abdominal obesity.

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