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Definition - What does Wellness Visit mean?

A wellness visit is a general medical visit. This medical visit is usually with the patient's primary care physician. Usually, a person will see his or her doctor annually for a wellness exam. During a wellness visit, a person's physician will check their overall health. A physical exam that includes a check of the patient's blood pressure and other vital signs is a part of most wellness visits. A person's doctor may order or review tests results at this visit as well. A wellness visit is sometimes called a check up or a wellness exam.

SureHire explains Wellness Visit

Wellness visits are often included as part of an individual or employer's health care plan preventative health program. Yearly wellness visits are provided by Part B of the U.S. Medicare program and are part of the required coverage for most plans under the ACA. Wellness visits permit a person's doctor to meet with the patient to assess the person's general health and well-being. The idea being to catch health problems before they become serious problems. A health risk assessment form is used to collect key health information from patients.

Wellness visits also provide an opportunity for patients to ask their doctors questions and to discuss preventative health measures. During a wellness visit, most doctors will discuss health screening tests such as those for cancer or diabetes with their patients. The types of screenings made available will depend on the age of the patient and their personal medical history.

Health care plans vary with regard to what wellness services are covered. For instance, some insurers pay for regular wellness visits, but do not pay the costs of related testing. Individuals should check with their insurer to determine what portions of their wellness visit will be covered.

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