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Definition - What does Wet Bath mean?

The wet bath is a breath alcohol testing (BAT) procedure consisting of an apparatus fitted to a glass receptacle containing an ethanol vapor solution simulating blood alcohol content (BAC) from which a breathalyzer connects to determine accuracy and calibration checks. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulates wet bath accuracy and calibration standards to ensure all BAT devices meet the criteria when in use.

SureHire explains Wet Bath

Law enforcement routinely employs breath alcohol screening devices to confirm whether motorists have been driving under the influence (DUI). A wet bath is a practical application for maintaining breathalyzers to preserve their integrity and sound functionality against potential errors due to improper upkeep. Strict protocol covering refrigeration, sanitation, and longevity of ethanol solution prevents contamination of the liquid material. In addition, correct handling and replacement of simulator components and attachments including mouthpiece, thermometer/thermostat, tubing, and electrical outlet connections is mandatory.

Following wet bath maintenance control standards allows for more accurate BAT gauge readouts in replicating a subject expelling air into a breathalyzer. BAC devices measure the ethanol content in the blood through the alveoli (air sacs) of the lungs, computing a percentage to determine if BAC levels are in violation. The Department of Transportation (DOT) stipulates all alcohol testing programs are a requirement in safety-sensitive positions that encompass the operation of commercial vehicles in public transit.

Alcohol and drug testing formalities vary by state laws, but individuals with addictions pose liabilities to employers where accidents often carry the economic burden of workers compensation claim costs. BAT devices that undergo consistent wet bath accuracy and calibration checks in line with NHTSA regulations help curb the epidemic of alcohol-related incidents that often cause injuries or, in severe cases, fatalities.

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