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Definition - What does White Noise Generator mean?

A white noise generator is an automated device that produces natural and/or artificial sounds to induce and promote sleep for individuals experiencing persistent hearing deficits, especially tinnitus. White noise is a phenomenon characterized by multiple distinct noises occurring at different audible frequencies, or varying wavelengths, to create a perceived sound effect that is quiet and relaxing to the ear.

SureHire explains White Noise Generator

White noise generators are beneficial for facilitating normal biorhythm cycles where individuals are more likely to feel energized and refreshed. Many people are susceptible to sleep/wake disturbances from minor sounds, but white noise incorporates a masking effect specifically tailored to drown out isolated noises that interfere with otherwise regular sleeping habits. Tinnitus is a common hearing impairment that develops from a number of causal factors including prolonged loud noise exposure, age-related hearing loss, Meniere’s disease, and otosclerosis. White noise generators serve the function of alleviating chronic symptoms of tinnitus such as buzzing, humming, and/or whistling sounds on a constant basis.

In the workplace, environmental conditions carry hearing loss implications when noise decibel levels often exceed the range of normal hearing. Industrial occupations that involve operating heavy equipment/machinery and/or working in open spaces where business activity is ongoing can adversely influence hearing capacity over time. Studies indicate that white noise generators can offset noise factors that encroach on hearing and reduce audible disruptions both at home and work. Employers have an obligation to ensure noise variables conform to a designated range, usually between 80-85 decibels (dB) to deter tinnitus and/or other forms of hearing impairments.

Although many applicants and/or employees may be reluctant to disclose issues of tinnitus, the Equality Act 2010 is a federal mandate that furnishes reasonable accommodations to personnel with legitimate hearing deficits. A health and safety initiative that includes white noise generators can engender a more productive workforce.

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