Workplace Design

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Definition - What does Workplace Design mean?

Workplace design is the way a workplace is organized and equipped in order to create optimal productivity by workers as well as provide maximum safety for workers.

An effective workplace design utilizes a multidisiplinary approach incudling hazard studies and ergonomics studies.

SureHire explains Workplace Design

Workplace design aims to create a safe work environment where employee performance is supported. It is recommended for all kinds of job sites ranging from high-risk workplaces to low-risk job environments.

For instance, high-risk industries can benefit from an ergonomic workplace design where possible hazards are identified with a strategic approach to minimize them. Some examples include jobs related to working at heights, with chemicals, with heavy objects, or in confined spaces. These jobs not only depend on the right equipment but also a blueprint that features easy maneuverability, effective exit strategies and accessibility to safety equipment, all of which are part of a safe workplace design.

Low-risk settings such as offices can benefit from improved aesthetics, noise control, thermal comfort, ergonomic seating, and indoor air quality among others.

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