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Definition - What does Wrist Rest mean?

A wrist rest is a physical object used to support the hand and wrist during repetitive tasks such as typing. The support provided by a wrist rest is intended to stabilize the user's wrist and hand in order to preventing awkward posture.

A cushioned wrist rest can also reduce instances of contact stress. Contact stress may occur when a user rests their palm or wrist on a hard surface or edge such as that of a desk.

When using a wrist rest, a typist must be cautious to not position it in such as way as to restrict his or her finger mobility. Some experts recommend not resting the palm on the rest while typing but only during breaks. In addition, the underside of the wrist should not be pressed against the rest as this may cause contact stress, one of the very situations a wrist rest is intended to avoid.

A wrist rest may also be called a palm rest, a wrist support, or a palm support.

SureHire explains Wrist Rest

A wrist rest is one of several ergonomic solutions available to those who work at a desk for prolonged periods of time. The wrist rest forms a raised platform between the edge of the desk and the users' keyboard. Some wrist rests extend beyond the edge of the desk, forming a supportive bridge between the armrest of the user's chair and the desk.

This prevents the user from holding his or her wrists in a broken or awkward position while typing. When taking a break from typing, a person may use the wrist or palm rest as a resting place for their palms and hands, keeping them in a neutral position.

There is some debate as to the usefulness of wrist rests. This may be because when used inappropriately, the rest can put pressure on and cause damage to the nerves and blood vessel that pass through the narrow passageways in the wrist.

Wrist rests are most effective when used in coordination with a properly adjusted chair and desk.

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