Yoga Therapy

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Definition - What does Yoga Therapy mean?

Yoga therapy uses the movements and other components of yoga to relieve stress and encourage the body to self-heal. While Yoga therapy employs the methods and techniques of Yoga, it is most often offered in a one-on-one setting instead of a group as Yoga exercise is often practiced. Additionally, a Yoga therapist tailors the selected exercises to meet the needs of the individual patient.

SureHire explains Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is designed to self-empower the individual to work toward their own healing. A Yoga therapist may assist the individual in learning the movements, thought and breathing techniques of Yoga. The individual may then apply these skills on a regular basis to enhance his or her well-being. Yoga therapy is particular useful in helping individuals cope with and manage chronic conditions. Yoga therapy may also be used to assist a patient recovering from a musculoskeletal injury by providing exercises that strengthen weakened muscles. Yoga therapy is intended to be holistic in nature, addressing the individual’s physical, mental, and emotional needs.

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