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Definition - What does air quality mean?

Air quality, also called indoor air quality (IAQ), refers to the atmospheric conditions that dictate the overall comfort, health, and efficiency of a certain area, reflected by control-based solutions to modulate the adverse impact of environmental hazards. Numerous factors can contribute to air quality standards, loosely defined by the corporate values focused on launching initiatives through practical steps covering proper ventilation systems, regular air inspections, and sanitation protocol.

SureHire explains air quality

Unlike external air pollution, the sustainability of internal air quality variables rely on factors such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) installations designed, alternately, to filter out pollutants and distribute clean air. However, lax protocol to maintain clean, breathable air inside the workplace may go undetected, independent of managing the situation due to faulty engineering, serving as a growing concern per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) infrastructure. For this reason, recognizing air quality hazards can be attributed to relative humidity levels, fluctuating temperatures, accessible outlets (or lack of) for circulating fresh air, and construction/renovation compound exposure risks to particulate matter .

It is critical to administer eco-friendly innovations upholding air quality measures to neutralize dust allergens, toxic chemicals fumes, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Persistent exposure can cause individuals to experience symptoms including headaches, chronic fatigue, concentration difficulties, and irritation of the mucus lining of membranous tissue (i.e. eyes, nose, throat). Moreover, case study reports indicate that deficient IAQ workstations are synonymous with mental and physical health declines, making individuals more susceptible to developing infections and respiratory conditions, pitting employers against future liabilities. The General Duty Clause is a provision of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) underlining guidelines for employers to maintain a safe workplace environment, caching available resources across statewide jurisdictions for interpreting air quality legislation.

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