alcohol testing

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Definition - What does alcohol testing mean?

Alcohol testing is a type of testing used to determine the amount of alcohol present in your body at a given time. In alcohol testing, the concentration of alcohol in the test subject’s breath, saliva, or blood is measured. This measure of concentration is then used to determine his or her alcohol level.

SureHire explains alcohol testing

Many occupations require alcohol testing either on an ongoing basis or when an accident or other incident occurs. In particular, jobs associated with public health and safety, such as truck driving, air traffic control, public transportation, and other related fields require regular alcohol and drug testing. While a blood test may be performed, saliva or breath testing are more commonly employed testing methods. Department of Transportation guidelines require that either breath or saliva testing be used for alcohol testing conducted pursuant to its regulations. Federal and state laws may also govern both when an alcohol test is required and when performing testing would violate an employee’s rights.

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