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Definition - What does appreciative inquiry mean?

Appreciative inquiry (AI) is an established methodology used by individuals, groups, and organizations who focus on developing, promoting, and supporting an ideal business model to optimize corporate success. From the outset, the AI approach follows a basic strategy that identifies existing strengths related to a particular industry and capitalizes on mutual interests to sustain progress. The framework underlying appreciative inquiry represents the value (appreciative) of a business entity, leveraging exchange of positive ideas and feedback (inquiry) between personnel.

SureHire explains appreciative inquiry

In some industries, environmental circumstances can lend to the type of professional discipline, extent of morale, and often job requirements inherent to a particular line of work. For instance, law enforcement officers and hospital staff members are specially trained and equipped to handle difficult and traumatic situations, which routinely translates to impartial behaviour reflected in policy guidelines. Traditionally, many companies concentrate exclusively on problem-solving skills, interpreting perceived weaknesses while ignoring more constructive attributes. This method can prove counterproductive because it can divert immediate focus away from positive aspects that might otherwise motivate employees and streamline productivity.

Appreciative inquiry provides an opportunity for all parties to adopt and nurture a culture of workplace positivity, fostering roles of leadership, rapport, and teamwork. Research indicates that boosting employee morale contributes to improved health by reducing stress levels, catering to the future standing of a company’s bottom line.

At its core, appreciative inquiry serves as a more practical alternative than problem-solving tactics because it overrides potential criticism and inadvertent stress.

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