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Definition - What does blind spot mean?

A blind spot refers to the spatial area outside an individual's peripheral vision. The blind spot places limitations on a driver's perspective and can make it more difficult to perceive stationary objects, pedestrians, or other moving vehicles on either side of the individual while traveling. Although rear-view and side-view mirrors are standard equipment used for changing lanes and maneuvering around building premises, a shoulder check is a precautionary measure against blind spot obstructions. Relying on mirrors alone is not sufficient.

SureHire explains blind spot

While many vehicle models include built-in sensor equipment and warning alert systems with dashboard camera monitors to detect the proximity of approaching vehicles, pedestrians, or stationary objects, it remains crucial to perform voluntary blind spot checks. Statistical reports indicate heavy goods vehicle (HGV) accidents involving pedestrians, motorcyclists, and pedal cyclists represent a sizeable proportion of fatalities relative to blind spot errors when handling a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). A traffic control plan is beneficial for CMV operators who often rely on spotters for navigational assistance when manipulating sharp corners and turns at a facility or warehouse with a dimensional layout posing blind spot hazards.

A radio transmission feed between CMV operators and spotters alongside designated paths for pedestrians/cyclists, visible personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff, and warning flashing lights on CMVs can deter blind spot hitches. The installation of convex mirrors at a facility is available in half dome, full-dome, and quarter dome units with a respective angular distance necessary to accommodate a full range of view to observe blind spot intrusions in the area. Remaining vigilant on the road is pivotal; for example, a turn signal often indicates switching lanes, but it is imperative to exercise discretion by maintaining a safe distance outside the blind spot range of other vehicles as well.

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