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Definition - What does calibrator mean?

A calibrator is an instrument or solution of a known measure or quantity that is used to standardize instruments or procedures in the laboratory setting. In other words, it is an agent or standard used to ensure the accuracy of a device. To properly calibrate laboratory equipment, a calibrator is used as the baseline or true measure. If a device does not measure the calibrator substance or object accurately, then adjustments are made to re-calibrate or correct the device.

SureHire explains calibrator

Calibration is used to set laboratory devices to conform to a known measure, called a calibrator. For instance, before weighing a substance, a lab technician will calibrate the scale by weighing a substance with a known value. If the device used to weigh the calibration substance does not measure it properly, then the device will be reset or corrected before being used for lab work. Testing devices used for drug and alcohol testing must be regularly calibrated to ensure that they provide accurate measurement. Each device or procedure will have specific calibration methods and materials that are used for the purpose of calibration testing.

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