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Definition - What does career development mean?

Career development refers to the process of examining, exploring, and performing in the work environment. Through the process, an individual develops his or her work identity. It is a life-long undertaking that includes multiple steps. A person may begin the process with career awareness and exploration before entering the workforce.

The work experiences he or she gains, as well as any further career-based education attained, are all a part of his or her career development. The outcome of those efforts, the jobs held, and any career changes made along the way also form a part of what is known as career development.

SureHire explains career development

Career development can be undertaken by an individual without outside prompting or support. For instance, a child may contemplate what they want to do when they grow up without being guided to do so. Many of the steps of career development can also be supported by teachers, family members, or vocational counselors. Aptitude and affinity tests can be used as part of the career development process as individuals explore their possible options.

Once a person has chosen a career path, their career development doesn't end. In fact, career development continues throughout the person's lifetime. Often, a person's employer will participate in their career development. Employer to help employees further develop their careers by providing training and guidance, or other support services. It is generally believed that employers who support their employees in career development will have higher employee satisfaction and retention rates.

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