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Definition - What does diploma mill mean?

A diploma mill is an organization that positions itself as an institution for higher education offering degrees and diplomas that are not accredited in exchange for a fee without the need for proper academic performance. In other words, a group that creates false credentials of graduation for a fee. The term can also be used when speaking critically of a higher education institution with a perceived quality problem. A diploma mill may also be known as a degree mill.

SureHire explains diploma mill

A diploma mill has a negative connotation for an organization as it indicates that they generate diplomas without the required academic effort and that the education institution is based purely on profit and not on academic performance. These institutions do not hold any accreditation by a quality accreditation organization. In fact, some of these groups exist as nothing more than a printer in a basement and do not actually employ any professors or hold any classes whatsoever. However, it is important to note that lack of accreditation alone does not signify low quality or false records. Because accreditation is completed for a (usually high) fee by private companies, many schools have recently begun to opt out of accreditation processes. The term can sometimes refer to an organization that provides falsified diplomas from real higher education institutions.

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