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Definition - What does diversity of citizenship mean?

The diversity of citizenship is a bilateral condition between two parties from different states where a plaintiff engages legal action against a defendant with legitimate claims exceeding $75,000 in damages under the jurisdiction of a federal court. The underlying premise for the diversity of citizenship mandate is to avoid partiality with cases that involve a plaintiff and a defendant from the same state in supporting mutual fairness during court proceedings.

SureHire explains diversity of citizenship

In legal suits, diversity jurisdiction can relate to a single individual or an incorporated entity whose citizenship status falls under Title 28, Section 1332 of the United States Code for civil action. Since federal courts exercise limited jurisdiction, diversity of citizenship only applies exclusively to lawsuits in which the $75,000 threshold covers reasonable grounds for compensatory justice to ensue. Furthermore, many individual cases entail concurrent jurisdiction, applying both to state and federal law regulation that permits either party to submit a claim(s) to a federal court to execute a ruling.

The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 (CAFA) includes the minimal diversity amendment as a more definitive measure in hearing class action suits involving multiple parties where one plaintiff and one defendant represent a different state. However, diversity jurisdiction is baseless if a plaintiff brings claims against multiple defendants with discrete causes of action towards each party in meeting the $75,000 amount criteria. Federal jurisdiction extends to prosecutorial violations including bankruptcy, embezzlement, fraud, and tax evasion, often serving as a standard assessment in conducting federal criminal background checks.

An incorporated business has citizenship in every state of its operation, but the Supreme Court recognizes a nerve center as the state where the hub of corporate administration is responsible for its satellite production facilities.

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