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Definition - What does employability mean?

Employability is a measure of how desirable the individual is in the workforce. That is, do their skills and knowledge make them desirable potential hires. It is the state of acquiring, conveying, and exercising personal and practical attributes, qualities, skills, and strengths that distinguish applicants and/or employees as eligible candidates in advancing career growth. Although academia and background experience are important, many employers favor basic core principles such as determination, flexibility, initiative, leadership, persistence, stress management, and teamwork.

SureHire explains employability

In a corporate landscape that is constantly evolving, individuals are faced with a competitive marketplace where learning, developing, and implementing a diverse range of skills can mean the difference between job security and expendability. It is relatively common for people to change career paths in life, receiving lifelong resources and valuable tools that are equally applicable in distinct fields of industry.

Employability provides a solid groundwork in leveraging gainful employment, retaining job status, and in many cases, earning bonuses and/or promotion offers. Many employers are directing their attention to hobbies as a qualification source in choosing the appropriate individual for a job. For instance, people who participate in sport activities that require power, stamina, and team effort tend to reflect an applicant and/or employee who demonstrates assertiveness, collaboration, energy, and resilience. Personal hobbies, as it applies to sports, can also be a useful criterion in measuring an individual’s interpersonal skills capacity, which translates effectively in the multicultural world of business. Furthermore, it is suggested that individuals with physical demanding jobs adopt a fitness regimen that builds endurance and strength while, incidentally, lowering the risk of incurring injury.

Applicants and/or employees who are willing to adapt and comply to shifting cultural trends in business stand to achieve their career goals and be successful.

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