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Definition - What does environmental conditions mean?

Environmental conditions are a set of factors associated with the environment in which work is conducted. This can affect an employee’s capacity to execute duties and tasks on the job. All workplace environments consist of perceived risks, often incurring illness, injury, and in some cases, death. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) establishes mandatory regulations for commercial businesses to adopt and convey to employees involving treacherous scenarios resulting in potential physical and/or psychological harm.

SureHire explains environmental conditions

Environmental conditions normally reflect effective health and safety policy guidelines followed by staff at all times, avoiding the ramifications presented by critical dangers/hazards at work. Many variables exist that often contribute to overall health and safety matters including noise/decibel levels, maintenance of equipment and machinery, authorized handling, disposal, and storage of toxic substances, and installment of ventilation system unit(s) to control temperature ranges. Employees who believe that a particular environmental condition poses an immediate or likely danger are required to notify their employer who, in turn, is responsible for conducting an investigation to support a claim.

After an initial complaint is made to OSHA and/or a health and safety representative, an employee can refuse to work provided that a credible health and safety concern is discovered. In addition, the employer is not permitted to retaliate against the employee by a dismissal of employment or docking wages.

Unsafe environmental conditions can induce immediate injuries such as burns, fractured bone(s), or a skin laceration. However, other cases can entail long-term physiological impairments, for instance, protracted noise exposure can damage the inner ear membrane leading to gradual hearing loss. Companies who demonstrate a committed awareness to upholding health and safety measures are more likely to reduce liabilities while, fostering efficiency and work productivity.

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