federal criminal records

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Definition - What does federal criminal records mean?

Federal criminal records include information regarding criminal cases pursued in federal courts. This information is maintained within the federal court system and separate from an individual's state criminal history.

SureHire explains federal criminal records

Federal criminal records relate to issues in the federal jurisdiction. The federal government and each state have the power to prosecute individuals for criminal offenses. Criminal laws for each jurisdiction vary and are set by the respective legislatures for those jurisdictions. When a federal crime is committed, it will be prosecuted in a federal court. The records of that investigation, prosecution, and its outcome then become federal criminal records. Federal criminal records may include information about an individual's arrest, trial testimony, evidence, and other details. Federal laws govern what information must be retained as a part of a criminal case and who may access that information. Federal criminal records are often obtained when a background or security check is conducted on a prospective, or current, employee.

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