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Definition - What does fleet driver mean?

A fleet driver is a certified individual representing an outfit of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators with primary responsibilities including the public transit of passengers or haulage of freight between destination routes. Eligibility requirements for fleet drivers include a clean driving record, optimal customer service skills, proficient defensive driving techniques, and, depending on the state, a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL), with periodic recertification licensure.

SureHire explains fleet driver

For employers, hiring qualified fleet drivers reflects comprehensive policy and procedure guidelines highlighting different aspects from vehicle maintenance details to incident/near miss report documentation procedures to curb liability risk factors on the road. Whether hiring applicants or reinstating current employees to fleet driver positions, a safe and viable protocol defines standardized driving expectations including, servicing/repair work, observing speed limit regulations, and tracking mileage per vehicle.

A learning management system (LMS) database features intuitive software applications that prepare employees with basic course materials for all circumstances aligned with driver safety parameters including traffic law compliance, weather conditions, and legal repercussions (i.e., DWI/DUI). Given that fleet drivers proportionally occupy more time on the roads than average commuters, ongoing instructional platforms are necessary avenues for diminishing turnover rates and accident/injury indexes against the margin of low safety bracket standards. Fleet driver safety programs are available through in-house personnel or subcontracting out third-party references through accredited institutions, optimizing a return on investment (ROI) ledger by fostering morale and instilling the mandatory driver training skills base.

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