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Definition - What does inclusive recruitment mean?

Inclusive recruitment refers to building a diverse team of employees based on selective criteria following the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) paradigm, assimilating individuals from different backgrounds, skill set levels, and range of experience(s) into the workplace. An inclusive culture represents a holistic network of individuals whose job candidacy for a position spans multiple variables that often influence an employer’s recruiting strategy, such as education and previous employment status.

SureHire explains inclusive recruitment

With the corporate landscape evolving, inclusive recruitment dynamics serve as a macro-level dimension for leveraging a collective pool of qualified individuals where DEI-based metrics can promote cultural diversity at work. The adoption of inclusive recruitment can prove beneficial to employers by maximizing an innovative workforce. An inclusive recruitment strategy hinges on several elements that give companies an edge over competitors; for example, job descriptions and resume reviews are essential components that require accuracy and impartial oversight to avoid discriminatory pushback.

Traditional hiring processes can often still reflect unconscious biases or ingrained prejudices that can restrict the scope of human potential available to employers, who could benefit by following inclusive recruitment strategies. Implicit bias surveys act as a practical index for addressing latent biases, and may be especially useful for hiring managers when conducting interviews where direct engagement with job applicants sets an impression with employers. Multiple interviewers who follow a series of routine questions can help promote consistency across the spectrum of inclusive recruitment measures, independent of negating factors (i.e. personality fit) that might influence candidate's qualifications.

Diversity is synonymous with an inclusive recruitment formula and this type of recruiting allows employers to capitalize on fresh perspectives, rallying feedback from a host of individuals whose talent and proficiency mirror universal equity in the workplace.

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