interdisciplinary approach

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Definition - What does interdisciplinary approach mean?

An interdisciplinary approach is a comprehensive process that encompasses mutual involvement between specialists representing their field of study to deliver quality healthcare to patients with medical and/or rehabilitative needs. Primary objectives underlying an interdisciplinary approach is consolidating professional experience, knowledge, and skills from each team member. The combined effort helps facilitate treatment, expedite recovery, and minimize healthcare costs.

SureHire explains interdisciplinary approach

In healthcare, a solid network of medical and/or rehabilitative experts who collaborate, coordinate, develop, and implement practical solutions designed to integrate a patient back into the community is pivotal. The role of each specialist contributes to the outcome reflected by the level of cooperation, input, persistence, and support demonstrated from an interdisciplinary team (IDT). For these reasons, insurance care providers including Medicaid and Medicare services, uphold the foundation of an interdisciplinary approach provided by healthcare organizations as a benchmark for patients receiving cost-effective, optimal medical attention and/or rehabilitation.

However, research studies show that an interdisciplinary approach can pose certain drawbacks such as personality clashes, communication barriers, and emotional intelligence deficits. To establish common ground, team parties must balance technical expertise with rapport where perceived differences in goals, methods, and strategies do not override patient care.

Individuals that sustain traumatic injuries are prompted to find healthcare providers based on their coverage plan where interdisciplinary approach programs and services is the most viable alternative towards recovery. Case studies prove that there is a better success rate following interdisciplinary approach assists in helping people undertake activities of daily living (ADL) and return to work.

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