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Definition - What does investigative consumer report mean?

An investigative consumer report is a thorough evaluation of personal information, performed in tandem, with a regular background check whenever an individual applies for employment opportunities, commercial and/or residential tenancy, and licensing certification. Investigative consumer reports are requested by certain businesses, with consent by the party in question, to confirm details about a person?s general character and reputation in terms of integrity, lifestyle, and status among friends and the community at large. The underlying reason for this process is to measure a person?s qualifications and, if any risk factors are involved.

SureHire explains investigative consumer report

An investigative consumer report is a comprehensive estimation that details personal information about an individual including particular characteristics, general reputation, lifestyle patterns, and communal relationships via interviews of former and/or present colleagues, friends, neighbors, and any other people familiar with the subject requested for inquiry. In the workplace, companies generally conduct standard background checks for applicants seeking potential employment opportunities and, periodically, employers reserve the right to delve deeper into the specific nature of a person?s life for reasons underscoring eligibility for a position.

In the process, an applicant and/or employee has equal rights of receiving full disclosure about the issuance of an investigative consumer report and to what extent its contents warrant any information that the subject in question feels comfortable releasing to the proper authorities. However, if a party refuses to agree to an investigative consumer report, it can result in a possible rejection of employable tenure, commercial and/or residential occupancy, and licensing certification.

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