involuntary dismissal

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Definition - What does involuntary dismissal mean?

Involuntary dismissal is when a person is formally dismissed or removed from a job position by decision of the employer. This is usually looked upon as more serious than a layoff, downsizing, or an employee being given a chance to resign. Involuntary dismissal is the strongest course of action an employer can take against an employee outside of court. Involuntary dismissal is also called fired.

In legal terms, it can also refer to a situation in a lawsuit where a judge can dismiss a case due to a plaintiff not following proper procedures.

SureHire explains involuntary dismissal

Involuntary dismissal is when an employer terminates an employees job contract with the company. This is a last resort between the employer and employee when the employee does not quit. Reasons for involuntary dismissal are many and could include a failed drug test, a serious workplace infraction, sexual harassment of another employee, or another form of extremely inappropriate conduct.

Various state and federal laws, along with union contracts, regulate when an employee can be involuntarily dismissed and what procedures must be followed.

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