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Definition - What does job enlargement mean?

Job enlargement is a component of job design, where the existing tasks associated with a job are expanded. Job enlargement is a method to add more variety and flexibility to a job that may otherwise seem repetitive or mundane. The goal of job enlargement is to improve employee work satisfaction and reduce injuries associated with recurring tasks. Job enlargement may also be referred to as horizontal job loading or horizontal expansion of job activities.

SureHire explains job enlargement

Job enlargement is a quantitative increase in the scope of a job. Unlike other job changes that may require additional skills or ability on the part of the employee, job enlargement provides an employee with different tasks at the same skill level. Job enlargement represents an expansion of the job by adding tasks horizontally, or on the same level, as the existing task set.

By offering job enlargement to employees, an employer may reduce the monotony of a repetitive job and allow an employee to develop greater versatility in his or her abilities. In other words, by adding variety to a worker's daily routine, an employer can increase worker satisfaction. However, this is not the same as increasing the quality of a single job duty, or job enrichment.

Job enlargement is usually accomplished without extensive advancement training. Training for job enlargement is instead focused on teaching the employee the steps associated with each added task. Job enlargement is a valuable tool in eliminating boredom and the risk of repetitive stress injuries for workers employed in highly specialized and repetitive work.

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