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Definition - What does job hazard analysis mean?

A job hazard analysis is a health and safety management procedure designed to reduce or eliminate potential hazards in the workplace. The purpose for a job hazard analysis is to identify specific tasks that pose an immediate danger to employees. A trained specialist examines all aspects connected to the nature of a particular job addressing important factors such as environment, exposure, cause of injury/illness, consequences, and contributing factors. A job hazard analysis serves as a viable option for employers to preserve health and safety, decrease health insurance costs, and streamline productivity.

SureHire explains job hazard analysis

A job hazard analysis is carried out in a methodical fashion by appraising tasks necessary to execute a job as opposed to a job performance and the surrounding environment. The objective is to gain a clear perspective about current protocol surrounding hazard control in the workplace. All employers are required to follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations that apply to their particular industry field.

A job hazard analysis encompasses several means of assessing potential hazards related to a specific position. This includes thorough inspection of worksite areas and equipment, conferring with employees about perceivable hazards, tracking history reports of incidents, and offering suggestions to prevent or reduce future accidents. Employers must keep job hazard analysis information updated to cross-reference material detailing recent issues from previous occurrences.

A recordable history of job hazards analysis demonstrates employer compliance with OSHA standards of health and safety. It also provides an incentive for employers to modify or alter equipment and/or procedure to maintain a current system that meets regulation. In some cases, administrative and/or engineering control measures are introduced to adjust or overhaul existing conditions that do not satisfy OSHA requirements.

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